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Happy Mother’s Day???


How was your Mother’s Day?  Where you blessed with meals made for you by your loved ones?  How about those beautiful cards that kids make at this time of year?  Did you get a wonderful gift from your child(ren) and your husband?  Or was your Mother’s Day like every other Sunday?  

My special day consisted of me dropping my husband off at work; making breakfast for my son and I;  cutting up and marinating the meat for our dinner bbq;  prompting my son to get his chores done;  taking my son to his therapeutic horseback riding lesson; and finishing up on grocery shopping.  As we pulled up in front of our door and I turned off the car, I was greeted by my neighbors 6-year-old son who asked me, “Why don’t you celebrate Mother’s Day”?  I explained that “We do.  I can’t just stop being my son’s Mom just because it’s Mother’s Day, can I?”  He gave me a look that I wish I had been able to capture on film.  It pretty much said, “Lady ~ ru crazy?  THIS IS MOTHER’S DAY!”  I pray his Mom and Dad are instilling in him that he needs to respect and honor his Mom and his wife (when he get’s married)  not only on Mother’s Day; but everyday….Anyhow, he clearly didn’t understand why I was coming home with bags of groceries and a grumpy and loudly complaining son.  But, he is not alone.  Many of my friends with no children don’t get it either.  

Yes, Mother’s Day is a wonderful thought, in theory.  Truthfully, EVERYDAY should be Mother’s Day!  Husbands and children should do as much as they can to help out the woman of their home on a daily basis.  Being thankful and saying thank you for the many things she does for & with them.  Offering to help her with even the smallest things is a gift of love to her.  It shows her that she is appreciated and not taken for granted.  That she is loved and cherished and that her time is as precious as everyone else’s.  

My reality?  If I were to give in to my urge of coming home after my long day of errands and being with my teenage sensory crazed, autistic and puberty filled son, and dropping into bed exhausted;  my home would literally stop functioning!! With the chore pad and all that is needed written out and put in order throughout our home; this doesn’t matter if no one bothers to look at what is there to help them make it through any days I’m not around.  This is a fact that was driven home to me several months ago when I spent an unexpected two weeks in the hospital.  My poor hubby and son!!  I talked to them on the phone more than I saw my doctors.  As soon as my husband got off work each day, they were both at my bedside.  They did eat but they walked around our home like zombies! Dropping clothes on the floor as they took them off,  not cleaning up the kitchen after they cooked and ate,  my son rarely took his medication on time….Their meals consisted of eggs, bacon, hotdogs and hamburgers.  The mess I saw when I returned home caused me to put my pain aside and get to cleaning!  As hard as my husband tried to ‘clean up’ before I got home; our son confirmed that each day I was away was utter chaos. 

But, back to my Mother’s Day/Night….we arrived home late Sunday night to my husband patiently waiting to put the food on the grill so I could put the sides on the stove.  My day ended perfectly!  Spent with the 2 guys I love the most in the entire world! A family I wouldn’t trade for anyone or anything.  We ate in front of the tv watching a movie my son had gotten from the library.  As my son got ready for bed, my husband quickly cleaned up the kitchen and we all met in our bedroom where I was given 2 carefully wrapped gifts and 2 very thoughtful and beautiful cards.  Thank You Lord for my family and for a relaxing Mother’s Day evening.  

So, I have a couple of questions for you, my friend.  What happens in your home when you are sick?  What happens if you are out of commission for several weeks?  How does your husband cope?  How about your children?



You are loved and appreciated and don’t ever forget…YOU HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD!!



Happy Easter – What are your plans?


Life with a teen with autism is never boring. So, we are preparing for Easter in our home. What do you do in your home? We attend at least one Easter Egg Hunt a year. This allows my son to run around in a safe place, with other kids on the autism spectrum. I feel the best part of the hunt is that when he turns in his eggs, he wins non-food items. We used to attend church on Good Friday and Easter morning but we had to stop for a little while. The burden of making sure he ‘behaved’ while in church with a lot of strangers became extremely overwhelming; especially once puberty set in. Instead of attending church, we have devotions as a family and sing praise and worship songs and discuss the meaning of Easter and Good Friday and how it relates to our lives today.  We also dye eggs for our family, have baskets, and travel to see family.

Since Easter is right around the corner, please share what you put in your child’s Easter Basket. I mix and match things. For instance, this year he will get little cans of fruit, jello with fruit cups and very little candy. I typically stuff his eggs with items I find throughout the month. This year, his stuffed eggs contain candy, mystery Lego packets, gift certificates to some of his favorite places, tic-tacs, and whatever else I pick up prior to Sunday. In his basket he’ll have Mad Libs, a detective play book & a chapter book he has been wanting.

Please share below – what are some non-edible items you pack in your kids baskets?

If I don’t talk to you before Easter, then have a blessed and safe Easter.