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Multiplying Acorns

My son struggles with retaining basic math facts, telling time and using money.  Multiplying Acorns by Operatio Apps is a fun and attractive game full of realistic 3D acorns and squirrels.  The ability to switch  the math levels and speed is quickly and easily done through the edit screen.  I like that I can also give my son a timed quiz to help him with his speed in processing the answers.  

OperatioApps shares that those who play this app will:  


~Multiply from 1×1 up to 9×9

~Visualize multiplication and grouping concepts

~Understand multiplication conceptually

~Develops Conceptual Understanding

~Builds Confidence

As I have watched my son play this app several times, I feel that it will develop his fine motor skills and his ability to recall basic facts. It has tapped into his love of learning through the creativity of an electronic device (Iphone/Ipad/Laptop) that he takes with him everywhere!  

Thank you OperatioApps for making a creative and enjoyable math game.  I’m looking forward to using more of your apps to help my son independently grow; academically and socially.   


Autism Tracker Pro (Track Analyze Share ASD Daily)

My 14 year old son, diagnosed PDD/NOS with Asperger’s tendencies, loves the ease of putting in his answers on a daily basis and as many times as he likes. I like the ability to track behaviors, weather, diet, and any other category one can think of to see what is affecting the individual with autism daily, weekly , monthly and yearly! You can also email the results to yourself, a social worker, a doctor or therapist as often as you like.  I highly recommend this app instead of a notebook and paper.  It will save you time and headache once you have set it up to fit your child or loved one with a disability.  Let me know what you think below.  This is the full version; if you’d like to try it out first, the lite one was free as of this writing; and is the one I have right now.  I will be moving up to the full priced app shortly.  Thanks trackandshareapps.com for such a helpful app!

App Store – Autism Tracker Pro (Track Analyze Share ASD Daily).