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Pretzels that taste great!

We LOVE these pretzels in our family!! Yes, they are dairy, gluten and soy

free but we can’t tell.  Use this link ~


so you can get them at the lowest price I’ve been able to find them.

Try them out and let me know what you think.


Happy Easter – What are your plans?


Life with a teen with autism is never boring. So, we are preparing for Easter in our home. What do you do in your home? We attend at least one Easter Egg Hunt a year. This allows my son to run around in a safe place, with other kids on the autism spectrum. I feel the best part of the hunt is that when he turns in his eggs, he wins non-food items. We used to attend church on Good Friday and Easter morning but we had to stop for a little while. The burden of making sure he ‘behaved’ while in church with a lot of strangers became extremely overwhelming; especially once puberty set in. Instead of attending church, we have devotions as a family and sing praise and worship songs and discuss the meaning of Easter and Good Friday and how it relates to our lives today.  We also dye eggs for our family, have baskets, and travel to see family.

Since Easter is right around the corner, please share what you put in your child’s Easter Basket. I mix and match things. For instance, this year he will get little cans of fruit, jello with fruit cups and very little candy. I typically stuff his eggs with items I find throughout the month. This year, his stuffed eggs contain candy, mystery Lego packets, gift certificates to some of his favorite places, tic-tacs, and whatever else I pick up prior to Sunday. In his basket he’ll have Mad Libs, a detective play book & a chapter book he has been wanting.

Please share below – what are some non-edible items you pack in your kids baskets?

If I don’t talk to you before Easter, then have a blessed and safe Easter.