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Check this out, my friend

support looks like

I’ve been trying different ways online to earn money and I found this company a little over a year ago. 

This is not a get rich quick business but a slow and steady one. 

If you have 1 hour a day or more to spend on a home based business; than give this a try. 

It’s free to get started and trained so it won’t hurt you to check it out. 

I also found that it’s ready when I’m ready…which is at all hours of the day since only God knows when my son will need me next. 

So check it out and let me know what you think. 

God bless you, my friend!!



Family Car Wash

The weather here is absolutely beautiful.  So, I was wondering how involved your teen is when it comes to cleaning your car?  My son LOVES to help…..as long as he has access to the hose.  

We usually end up wetter and soapier than our car! LOL. I’m okay with that because in the end, we have spent a memorable time together .  Sometimes the car actually ends up cleaner than it was when we started. 😉

Check out the link


for the Shammy.  We use them because they hold water longer than your typical cotton rag.  You can’t beat the price either! 😉

Please leave a note below sharing with me how car washes pan out in your family.