I have to share this craziness with you!!  I just found out that here in NJ, once your child turns 14 he/she can stop going to school; not take prescribed medications; sign themselves out of medical institutions at their OWN whim…. This LAW is ridiculous! Oh and even if your child has a disability and is neurologically impaired in any way; the staff at the hospital & school will make certain that YOUR child understands his/her rights and will not accept YOUR child if he/she says NO!!!

THIS IS CRAZY!!! Then the parents are penalized when same child does something against the law BUT the systems that are supposed to help won’t because that same child refuses to take medications; stay in a hospital; stay in school; follow the ‘right’ laws….THIS WORLD IS CRAZY!!!  As a PARENT, you have NO RIGHTS EXCEPT THE RIGHT TO LOSE YOUR JOB AND MIND WHEN YOUR CHILD DETERMINES THAT HE/SHE WILL DO WHATEVER HE/SHE WANTS & YOU HAVE NO LEGAL LEGS TO STAND ON!!!

Is this the law in your State? Do you know if this is a Federal law? WE ALL NEED TO FIGHT IT WHATEVER TYPE OF LAW IT IS!  Last time I checked my family…this is MY child and no one else has the RIGHT to tell him he can go ahead and not go to school; not take his meds; leave the hospital whenever he wants, etc.   These ‘laws’ don’t parent, love, feed, cloth, teach nor live with MY teen/child.  How can they make such a blanket law without the consent of parents??  THEY can come and parent my teen for me since THEY have decided that he’s quite capable of taking care of himself at 14 YEARS OLD!!

To make matters even more confusing, that same ‘child/teen’ can’t get a job without working papers until said teen is 16.  The same teen can’t even drive without an adult until what – 18???  That same teen also can’t make educational decisions on his own until he is 18.  And don’t forget the Truancy Laws so if he/she decides to stop going to school parents and child end up in court and being fined even if this was his/her decision.  Need I go on???  As my son just said – ‘WHOEVER MADE THIS LAW IS CRAZY!’  I completely agree.


Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights

Watch this video alone and with your spouse and friends.  Spread the word!! This is about the loss of your rights as a parent and the loss of your child’s rights.  All rights are being over ruled by laws we know nothing about.

I already have been fighting for rights…as a Mom of a son with Special Needs ~ Autism, ADHD, ODD, etc.  I am fighting daily.  In particular, the rights of my son to be treated with dignity and to have a life that the government, school officials, doctors and others in the community think and have determined that he will NEVER have. This judgement is not based on any deep knowledge of my son but on their own preconceptions and past experiences with other children with similar diagnoses.  I WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE RIGHT TO BE MY SON’S MOTHER, PROTECTOR AND ADVOCATE!  TO FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM & LIBERTY 2 BE ALL THAT HE CAN BE!!  As I watched this video I found that this is another area that we now must focus on to obtain this goal.

Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights.