{Tip} Gluten-free Bisquick

I’ll be trying this out very soon. Looking forward to finding an easier way to bake! 🙂

Baking for You

My family loves Bisquick, but purchasing gluten-free Bisquick gets expensive.  After some research, I found a simple and quick recipe for homemade Bisquick that can be made with just about any gluten-free flour or blend.

Here it is:

1 c gluten-free flour or flour blend
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix the ingredients together, blending well.  Use in any recipe that calls for Bisquick. Make sure though that the recipe you choose contains at least 1 Tbps butter or oil. If not, add it to the recipe above and use as normal.

I modified this recipe from a non-gluten-free recipe a long time ago, and unfortunately do not remember the original source.

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GFDFSF Cheese Cake – Looks Yummy!!

This looks like a great alternative to ‘regular’ cheese cake! I’ll let u know how it turns out for u. Thanks Alex for a great & healthy recipe.

The iMums’ iPad Mini Madness! Win an iPad Mini + Case + Apps – Giveaway #1

Please go to the iMums website to enter the contest.   Good Luck & God Bless!

The iMums are very pleased to launch our series of iPad Mini giveaways with our first prize package sponsored by four wonderful developers – Little Learning Tots, SoGaBee, Loeschware and Heppi Apps. The iPad mini is a great size for children – lighter and easier to carry than the original iPad, but with access to the same great catalog of apps. The prize package, which totals to over $400, includes all you need to get started:-

  • A new Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi;

  • Cygnett Workmate shock-absorbing iPad mini case;

  • A huge collection of apps to kickstart your iTunes library!

  • Giveaway

Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is open worldwide, you must be over 18 years old to enter. The winners must contact The iMums within 48 hours of being announced to claim their prize and must have a valid postal address. We notify winners by email as well as announcing on our website, so make sureinfo(at) is on your safe senders list so the email doesn’t get caught in your spam filter or junk mail folder.

There is no charge to enter this giveaway – you just need to give some social media love and help us spread the word about the giveaways. There is one mandatory step to complete- the blog post comment, any additional steps are completely optional. However, you must complete all steps on the first page to be able to unlock the other options. The more steps you complete, the more entries you will have in the giveaway. When the winners name is drawn their entry will be verified and they will be disqualified if they have not done the steps they claim to have done. Please ensure you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions. Good luck!

Surprise Give~Away! Enter here…

I have GREAT news!!!  Nannek has blessed me with 3 codes for the Ipad edition of the Chore Pad!!! 😮

If you are unsure as to what the Chore Pad App is about, please click  Review of Chore Pad App to find out more information.


In order to win one of the app codes, please…

   1) Like this blog.  

   2) Comment below and let me know who the app is for.

   3)  Share my blog on your twitter or facebook account.  Please don’t forget to ping me so I know where you shared the information.  

   4)  The first three people who respond correctly win!!

On Your Mark….Get Set…GO!!!!

Detailed Review of Chore Pad App & Giveaway Extended

We have had this App for almost two months now and it is one of the most used Apps in our family. It has taken me this long to write a review because I wanted to make sure I was writing a review that honestly portrayed the pluses and minuses of the Chore Pad, as I see them. Please note ~ Nannek has amazing customer service and you will receive a response almost immediately regarding any problems, questions or comments you may have. They also welcome any ideas for improvement, so I will share with you in the future how the Chore Pad improves/changes as time progresses.

This is an app that can be used for any member in your home that you need to instill with independence. Chore Pad allows you to input all of your own information; so if you are working on a skill, such as having your teen brush his teeth three times daily; you can set up the Chore Pad accordingly. You also have the ability to download your own ‘avatar’ for each person you add to Chore Pad.

Chore Pad’s creators, Nannek, have installed some basic pictures that can be used and I also added pictures on our Chore Pad using the Emoji App. This helped me to personalize my son’s chores with creative pictures that help him to understand the expectations that were placed on him with each specific chore.

You are able to enter your own rewards, in the reward chest, that your teen will happily work toward. I like that my son is given immediate feedback, without my verbal input! As he checks off each item he completes, he sees and hears his points/stars add up.

As the parent, you can select if you want or don’t want your teen to choose his payouts. I have this enabled in our Chore Pad to give my son a sense of control when it comes to earning his rewards from the chest.

Please note, this app does sync across devices, but you must first purchase an app for your different devices. For example, if you have an Iphone and an Ipad, and you download Chore Pad on your Iphone it will not sync with your Ipad unless you also purchase the Ipad App (Chore PadHD). The added benefit of being able to sync all information from each device used by those in your family is priceless. I feel that the benefits of owning Chore Pad outweigh the cost of purchasing the different Apps.

Some of the areas that make it a challenge for us are:

1) There is no way to ‘really’ lock the app from being changed by the user. As my technically gifted son quickly showed me, one can just go to the app listed in the settings portion of your device and change all of the settings. If your teen is even slightly technically gifted, he will be able to add/delete points, rewards, chores, to sync or not to sync & change the password so you, the parent, can’t get in. 🙂

Nannek’s response: As for locking the app – you are correct – this is where we use to change the settings from back in the day – before we had a “landing page” or settings section in the Chore Pad app itself. Right now we have a release in the queue that is bringing 30 more icons to Chore Pad. Once that is approved by Apple we will be doing another quick update (before the big one with the ability to add your own photos) with minor tweeks and we will add the removal of the options in the settings area on the iPhone/iPad in this update.

2) Once you set up the order of the Chore Pad according to your desires, there is no way to lock the app so that the chores are not moved around on the user’s page. My son has accidentally moved chores by trying to scroll through the chores and the chore he has his finger on has moved with his finger! I also ran across the same issue. This was very frustrating since I spent a great deal of time setting up his chores in a logical manner; to make it easier for him to find the chores he needs to do on which days.

Nannek’s response: We have never seen this as a problem because you can only move the chores by holding the grippy on the right of the chore- we have never had anyone mention this was an issue, but we can definitely add this as a feature in the settings in the near future.

3) There is no way to print out the chores to have a paper copy that you can post in your teen’s room to help him remember what he needs to do daily.

Nannek’s response: Chore Pad does not have printing capability built in. This is something we plan to add as a feature sometime this year. There are currently two options for workaround to this:

1. If you own an Air Print-compatible printer you can take a screenshot (hold the top button and then press the home button) and then send that picture to the printer via AirPrint. Here is a link to Apple’s page on Air Print, with a list of compatible printers:


2. You can you can take a screenshot then e-mail yourself the photo, then print that way.

4) No capability to download your own pictures for chores.

Nannek’s response: This is something we are working on as I write this :)….

5) No capability to set timers so your teen can automatically know how much more time he has to finish a chore or all of his chores. I got around this fact by putting my son’s chores in order using characters from the Emoji App. So, for chores that need completing by 7AM Monday – Friday, I put a shooting star in front of and list the time 7AM with each chore, etc. Sounds a little confusing, I know, but it makes sense to my son and I and it has helped him to become more independent with his daily chores.

Nannek’s response: The timer is something we have on our list to add also – we hope to add this by the end of the year too!

If you have doubts as to whether or not you want to add Chore Pad to your repertoire of Apps, there is a lite version available for free. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the full App but it does give you a realistic feel for how you can use the App to make life easier for you and your teen.

Thank you Nannek for this creative and helpful App that has made the life of my family easier and not so full of stress when chore time approaches! I’m looking forward to seeing how you improve this App and for other Apps you will create that will be just as, if not more, helpful.


~ Chore Pad Iphone/Ipod App Giveaway ~

All 3 Codes Donated By Nannek!

How To Enter To Win:

Step 1: ‘Like’ and comment below on this post.

Step 2: Either share this post on your Facebook page, Pin it or Tweet it. Please make sure you copy the following link ~ ~ in your comments when you share. This will allow me to confirm that you have completed step 2.

How To Find Out If You Are A Winner:

TIME EXTENDED: The 3 Giveaway winners will be announced; via email; between 9am – 5pm (EST) on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.  Winners will have until noon, EST, on March 23, 2012 to contact me! Once you contact me, I will email you your code and announce your first name only, on this page; as a winner.  

Thanks for entering!! Good Luck & God Bless!🙂


Cozmo’s Day Off

Good Morning folks!! I just HAD to share this book with you! I know – it says it’s a CHILDREN’S book and this website is about teens BUT my son and I LOVE this book!!! It is extremely interactive with many little games interwoven within the pages.  

The characters allow you to interact with them and the other details on each page.  I must admit, I read it first and I was laughing so hard that my son came in from the living room to see what I was doing.  He cuddled up next to me and couldn’t resist touching the screen on the last page of the story.  We then started at the beginning of the story and it has now become a favorite for the family!  It’s on both of our Iphones so we can giggle or relax on a whim ~ just by pulling up this app.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Cozmo’s Day Off is the story of a galactic traveler’s exciting journey.  Animated elements, games, voices, and sound  effects will immerse children into Cozmo’s wondrous universe, while hidden surprises abound for the diligent seeker.                    ~Ayars Animation

At the time of this writing, the full app costs $3.99 but you can also ‘purchase’ the lite app for free.  But, with the lite app, only the first page is animated.  Too bad not all book apps are this interactive and fun!! Go ahead, download and try it out.  You WILL NOT regret it.  

Thank you Ayars Animation for creating a clean, interesting, engaging app!  We can’t wait for you to create more book apps!             

{Please click here to purchase the app.} 

Multiplying Acorns

My son struggles with retaining basic math facts, telling time and using money.  Multiplying Acorns by Operatio Apps is a fun and attractive game full of realistic 3D acorns and squirrels.  The ability to switch  the math levels and speed is quickly and easily done through the edit screen.  I like that I can also give my son a timed quiz to help him with his speed in processing the answers.  

OperatioApps shares that those who play this app will:  


~Multiply from 1×1 up to 9×9

~Visualize multiplication and grouping concepts

~Understand multiplication conceptually

~Develops Conceptual Understanding

~Builds Confidence

As I have watched my son play this app several times, I feel that it will develop his fine motor skills and his ability to recall basic facts. It has tapped into his love of learning through the creativity of an electronic device (Iphone/Ipad/Laptop) that he takes with him everywhere!  

Thank you OperatioApps for making a creative and enjoyable math game.  I’m looking forward to using more of your apps to help my son independently grow; academically and socially.