Surprise Give~Away! Enter here…

I have GREAT news!!!  Nannek has blessed me with 3 codes for the Ipad edition of the Chore Pad!!! 😮

If you are unsure as to what the Chore Pad App is about, please click  Review of Chore Pad App to find out more information.


In order to win one of the app codes, please…

   1) Like this blog.  

   2) Comment below and let me know who the app is for.

   3)  Share my blog on your twitter or facebook account.  Please don’t forget to ping me so I know where you shared the information.  

   4)  The first three people who respond correctly win!!

On Your Mark….Get Set…GO!!!!

10 thoughts on “Surprise Give~Away! Enter here…

  1. This is a great app for anyone in the family, working toward independence and life skills.

  2. If i won this app it would be used for several students in my class. Two of my girls has Down Syndrome and use a token board. This would replace that. They also would use it to follow morning routines. My other student with Autism would benefit from this by seeing what he needs to do for the day so he doesn’t get upset when he feels that all the adults do is tell him what to do. The possibilities for this app are great in my room.

    • Hi Carrie. It’s great to see how you will be able to use this app in your classroom. I’m sure your students will benefit immensely. I like the way you think out the box and are so caring about your students feelings and needs. I’m glad you are the first one to follow all three steps so you will definitely end up with a code. Just waiting on a couple more people. Didn’t know this would be so hard to get people to respond….. 😦

    • Hi Caren! It’s great to hear how this will help your boys. We are all about routine in our home too. It makes life so much smoother. Please let me know how this app helps you around your house and thanks so much for following the steps and entering the contest.

  3. Caren Sue and Carrie ~ You have won the first two codes….waiting for the third person to follow all the steps so I can give way the last code….. God Bless u 2 & enjoy!! 😉

  4. Congrats Stewart!!!! Ur my 3rd & final winner of a code!!!! It’s great 2c how u plan 2 use this app. Please let me know if it meets and/or exceeds ur expectations!!!! Please check ur email account for ur code. Enjoy & God Bless!! 😉

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