Cozmo’s Day Off

Good Morning folks!! I just HAD to share this book with you! I know – it says it’s a CHILDREN’S book and this website is about teens BUT my son and I LOVE this book!!! It is extremely interactive with many little games interwoven within the pages.  

The characters allow you to interact with them and the other details on each page.  I must admit, I read it first and I was laughing so hard that my son came in from the living room to see what I was doing.  He cuddled up next to me and couldn’t resist touching the screen on the last page of the story.  We then started at the beginning of the story and it has now become a favorite for the family!  It’s on both of our Iphones so we can giggle or relax on a whim ~ just by pulling up this app.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Cozmo’s Day Off is the story of a galactic traveler’s exciting journey.  Animated elements, games, voices, and sound  effects will immerse children into Cozmo’s wondrous universe, while hidden surprises abound for the diligent seeker.                    ~Ayars Animation

At the time of this writing, the full app costs $3.99 but you can also ‘purchase’ the lite app for free.  But, with the lite app, only the first page is animated.  Too bad not all book apps are this interactive and fun!! Go ahead, download and try it out.  You WILL NOT regret it.  

Thank you Ayars Animation for creating a clean, interesting, engaging app!  We can’t wait for you to create more book apps!             

{Please click here to purchase the app.}