Rainbow Sentences from Mobile Education

Thank you A4cwsn facebook moderators for hosting Kyle from Mobile Education!  I was able to get some first hand knowledge on his many different apps.  Today, I am sharing a video that will help you with this app.

If you have a child/teen that is having great difficulty with building sentences that make sense, this is the app for you.  As Kyle states on his website

They (the Mobile Education Apps) are being used by educators to help kids who are struggling with syntax or narrative skills, healthcare professionals working with special needs children, teachers in ESL classrooms and parents of kids who just need a bit of extra help.  All the apps engage the visual, audio and tactile senses, helping students learn faster and retain what they’ve learned.

While these apps were initially built to assist children with higher function autism, the ease of use, positive reinforcers and engaging graphics and animations make them a great tool for anyone working on building language fundamentals. ~ Kyle Tomson – Founder’ 

This app is very creative.  Please watch and let me know what you think; and don’t forget to share my blog with your friends.  

Have a blessed day!

Rainbow Sentences Introduction – YouTube.

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  1. I think any tool that can help is a good thing for parents coping with autism in the children, whether its diets or apps..if you feel it helps why not.

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